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De Koppoters, a Dutch theatre group, make performance for children based on drawing. New is Little Blue and Little Yellow 2+, based on the famous book by Leo Lionni.


De Koppoters in Japan (2019)

I think it really opened a lot of children’s eyes to a whole new world.

Luke Callaghan, K. International School Tokyo

Note only do De Koppoters connect drawing to the language of theatre, they also encourage children to capture their imagination in a drawing.

Agnes Vogt, campaign for drawing

Some children at our refugee centre hadn’t seen their mother or father for a long time. Your programme really helped to connect and amuse the group.

Margriet Molenaar, Luttelgeest refugee centre

You’ve planted a seed for creativity in their hearts.

Ryogo Iwamoto, Ukiha

Exciting for children, fascinating for parents.

mr. Muto Kita, Tokyo

Morf 6+


“Fishes must be together,” the fish say. They tell Nora, a young painter, not to swim up or down and especially not on her own. Still, Nora is curious and not afraid at all. Her brushes take her to unknown places she usually loves. Even when they are a bit dark.

Concept: Sjoukje van Alphen and Esther Drijver. Design: Alice Brouwer. Thanks to: Henk de Reus, Maarten Zaagman and Ubit Iskandar.

Available from September 2024 

From Scratch 4+


A series of short stories based on the drawings made by the audience. From Scratch does not contain any spoken language and is suitable for all children from 4 years and their parents or supervisors. The little artists get to take their drawings home.

6000 children have already seen their own work of art come to life, in the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Japan.

Concept: The Koppoters. Players: Sjoukje van Alphen and Esther Drijver. Directed by: Fried Mertens. Set: Grand Theater Groningen. Soundtrack: Snoet & Smoel. Production: De Koppoters.

Little Blue and Little Yellow 2+


Based on the famous book Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni!

Blue and Yellow are best friends, but one day the can’t find each other. When they do, they hug each other very tight and both become green. A lovely storyline, created by the Leo Lionni, and the start of a performance based on the waves of colors, discovering your own light and shadow and the art of hugging.

The performance Little Blue and Little Yellow showers a lots of colors, calming sounds and soft shapes. Language no problem.

Concept: De Koppoters. Actors: Sjoukje van Alphen and Esther Drijver.

Available from September 2024


All performances and projects of creative collective De Koppoters are related to drawing or a (big or little) drawing artist.

Never stop drawing

According to Pablo Picasso children are artists by nature: “Every child is an artist. The question is how we can remain an artist when we grow up.” If we’re able to nourish the imagination of children at an early age, they will become adults that think ‘outside the box’, able to communicate with others about things that do not yet exist. And last but not least: enjoy themselves.

Play more

The universal character of drawing helps us connect instantly, regardless were we meet the little artists. In Holland however, the ability to create something with your hands is declining (source: De Volkskrant). In recent decades, children have also started to play less and less (source: De Correspondent). We are determined to contribute to the creative development of children, by stimulating them to express themselves. Performance by performance, drawing by drawing.

About From Scratch 4+

visual & performing arts

no spoken language

shows performed

lasts 50 minutes

for children at age 4-8 and their guardians


+31 6 2534 0492

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