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Little artists

The Koppoters create theatre performances based on drawings. Right now, we’re meeting little artists in Nijmegen, Holland.

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I think it really opened a lot of children's eyes to a whole new world.

Luke Callaghan, K. International School Tokyo

You've planted a seed for creativity in their hearts.

Ryogo Iwamoto, Ukiha

Very bright, and also super abstract and weird. Our children laughed so hard!

Jolanda van Wild

De kinderen zaten op het puntje van hun stoel om te kijken wat er met hun tekening gebeurde.

Dineke Mik

De Koppoters just make the world more beautiful.

teacher at refugee centre, Burgum

Er werd veel gelachen, en niet alleen door de kinderen.

Hiske Deinema, public library, Amsterdam

You’ve danced my drawing!

Loïs (7), the Netherlands

Students were constantly shrieking with delight.

Kurosaki, K. International School, Tokyo

From Scratch

Visitors of From Scratch are invited to make drawings while listening to funky music. The fresh artworks are then exposed on stage and become the main characters in a dozen colourful stories. This energetic theatre performance contains no spoken language and is suitable for all children (4-8 years old) and their parents or guardians.

Concept: De Koppoters. Performers: Sjoukje Böing and Esther Drijver. Director: Fried Mertens. Soundtrack: Snoet & Smoel. Set: Grand Theatre Groningen. Producer: De Koppoters.

Children enjoy their own art

visual & performing arts

no spoken language

130+ shows performed

lasts 50 minutes

for children at age 4-8 and their parents

what did you draw today?

Up for a little creative chaos?

Join us at these venues.

TOKYO (JPN) Canary Hall

From Scratch

TOKYO (JPN) Canary Hall

From Scratch

TOKYO (JPN) Canary Hall

From Scratch

Kurume JAPAN

From Scratch

Fukuoka JAPAN

From Scratch


From Scratch

Theater Lindenberg NIJMEGEN

From Scratch

Stadshuis UTRECHT

From Scratch

Theater Koornbeurs FRANEKER

From Scratch

Theater Koornbeurs FRANEKER

From Scratch

Theater Koornbeurs FRANEKER

From Scratch

About us

De Koppoters make theatre from drawings. To us drawing is a never-ending source of inspiration. We want to collect the imagination hidden in the drawings, bring it to life, cherish it, magnify it and especially celebrate it.

Curious adiences

Based in the Netherlands, we love to travel and meet little artists all over the world. Since 2015 we have been performing a 130 shows, in the Netherlands, Portugal, Italy and Japan. We’re at our best at places with curious young audiences, f.e. schools, libraries, festivals, refugee centers and small theaters.

So what is a koppoter?

Koppoter is the Dutch word describing what children draw early on: a head (kop) with legs (poten). Across the globe, children often first draw a large head with two legs below. Not long after two arms appear, and later still a torso. Koppoters and the many figures that follow inspire our movement and performance.

mistakes make very nice drawings


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